DVD Series (All videos are between 30-60 minutes)

Reality Based Dirty Ground Fighting – Volume 1 $60.00

Reality Based Dirty Ground Fighting – Volume 2  $60.00

This series is in demand because of UFC and MMA. What people don’t know is when you ground fight on the street everyone gets hurt because Mr. Concrete doesn’t give like a padded ring. These two series show you on the cement how to end a fight quick. You don’t have time to try to grapple around quick finishes.

Reality Based Gun and Knife Disarmament – Volume 1 $60.00

These techniques are invented by Grand Master Tony Southard. They are used by all Navy SEALs, Special Ops Police and other Law Enforcement Officers. These skills have saved lives and have been proven many times over.

Essential training for the Martial Artist to the average ordinary every day person who puts their pants on, and walks out of the door every morning. As assaults with deadly weapons in every city are increasing across the country and in every nation, one needs to be trained Properly in weapons disarm tactics.

There are many training facilities and internet training programs, that although they have the best intentions, are teaching classes that are getting trusting people hurt and even killed in real life situations. Dont become one of these statistics. Give yourself the opportunity to learn from a Grandmaster who has spent years studying and putting these techniques to the test.

Reality Based Power Punches and Kicks – Volume 1  $60.00

More Power. Less Effort. To learn these on your own, you would have to learn many different martial arts and learn different strikes. What Grand Master Tony Southard sets out to do is give you the ability to strike with more power with less effort.

In this powerful and effective DVD, Grandmaster Tony Southard demonstrates and teaches the Extreme Power and Dynamics needed to deliver the Most for your punches and kicks!! A must see and learn for those are interested in a true way of developing that crushing power from within.

Reality Based Self Defense – Volume 1  $60.00

These videos cover most of the attacks that you will encounter. Give your self the confidence to go anywhere you like.

Learn the fundamentals of Southard Combat System in a very practical way that’s easy to understand yet proven to be brutally effective time and again. Reality Based Self Defense – Volume I consists of Tony Southards’ basic hand to hand and subject control maneuvers, and is a very small part of the training included.

This is not training in a box, only a series to keep students and clients refreshed on the tactics learned from Grandmaster Southard. In NO WAY can these DVDs replace the hands on training, experience and the self confidence you will gain by training with Grandmaster Tony Southard.

Reality Based Self Defense – Volume 2 $60.00

Reality Based Self Defense – Volume 2 is an Advanced Series of Reality Based Self Defense – Volume 1, taking steps further into the Southard Combat System. With a knowledge and proficiency of level 1, one may begin the more advanced stages with a wider variety of joint-locks, combination locks, and advanced maneuvers to carry out against ones assailant.

Again, this training is served best by Hands-On training directly from Grandmaster Southard and in no way should be considered an alternative for such.

Reality Based Tactical Pen $60.00

When they asked the director of the CIA what single weapon would he pick, of all things, it was a pencil. In this DVD, Grand Master Tony Southard will show you how to use one of the deadliest weapons in the world for self defense.

Reality Based Wrist Locks, Volume 1 $60.00

Every one has their favorite wrist lock. It doesn’t matter if you have trained all you life or have never done a wrist lock, this is for you.

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