Is Southard Combat System for Me?

Many of you may ask “Is Southard Combat System for Me?”, and you should. When considering your options, ask yourselves these questions.

Do I work in a place that has the potential for violence at Anytime?

  • Law enforcement
  • Correctional facilities
  • Security
  • Retail stores
  • Night clubs
  • Bars
  • Public or Private schools
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Daycare, etc.

And last but not Least, The average ordinary everyday human being, during his/her day to day routine, are as likely to become victomized by modern day thugs or someone lacking regard for human life.

We have the RIGHT to walk our streets everyday and feel a sense of security and be prepared for any situation that may arise, God forbid…

As humans, we have the ability to continually learn new things and better ourselves as individuals and over come adversities as they arise.

Southard Combat System will NOT tolerate ANY form of immature, aggressive behavior toward another person. We teach Reality Based Self Defense only!!

Hello Self Defense World!

Southard Combat System will teach you to be 100% confident wherever you may be.

Congratulations to Grand Master Southard for being inducted into five more Hall of Fames. There is not enough space to list all of the awards obtained.

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Certified Personal Trainer available.

Congratulations to Brian Eckman who was recently awarded his first degree Blackbelt in Southard Combat Systems Self Defense in the Rexburg Idaho Conference.