Women’s Self Defense Seminar Feb. 1 Morehead City, NC


Great opportunity to learn right here on the coast.
There is nothing more important than your life.
I will be teaching
– Self confidence
– Ways to keep you and your family safe.

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1600 Fisher St.
Morehead City, NC

Come out and have a great time with us! We hope to see you all there.
(Please park on the side of the Parks and Recreation Center)

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What Southard Students Say – Husted

I am part of Crystal Coast Fire Academy (CCFA) and on August 17, 2013, our PT instructor Grand Master Southard was teaching us self defense and how important life really is. We have a saying, “You only get one life but you can replace your job.”

At the fire academy it opens your eyes when you think of that. Instructor Southard showed us self defense that you will never see any were else. We were very impressed. I’m also part of the Morehead City Police Department and two years ago we had instructor Southard come and teach our Special Reaction Team. Today I got a refresher course but at the same time I learned more then what I knew two years ago.

We at the CCFA are proud that we have instructor Southard to teach us this because one day we will have to fight for our life. I recommend this for everybody and I mean every word when I say this will save your life!

Chris Husted, CCFA

What Southard Students Say – Rabideau

Here is another student testimony:

I’m fortunate enough to have been a student of GM Tony (Grandmaster Tony Southard) for approximately eight years. After training as long as I have and knowing what I know now, I realize that even after my first few lessons with GM Tony I already knew more self defense, more ways to defend myself than I had or would ever get from any other class or seminar. He truly teaches reality based self defense.

GM Tony teaches real world tactics to defend yourself whether you are a man or woman. The techniques are very effective and more importantly for anyone considering training with him … very doable. Anyone can learn Southard Combat System if they set their mind to it.

GM Tony cares greatly about his students and is willing to do anything to help them learn. He is patient, kind, yet tough and effective. As long as someone is willing to learn, listens, and is respectful, he will teach and you will learn how to effectively defend yourself.

GM Tony is the best at what he does. I could write a huge list of all his accomplishments but the one that matters the most for me is me — I am confident in my ability to defend myself from many different types of attacks because of what he has taught me.

I highly recommend that everyone (especially women) learn self defense from Grandmaster Tony Southard. I think it should be one of those things people learn like learning to swim, how to drive, etc. We should all know how to defend ourselves against people who want to do us harm and GM Tony is the best person to teach you.

Erika Rabideau, N.C.

What Southard Students Say – Duncan

I have been on my martial arts journey for over 20 years. In that time God has blessed me to journey in many ways. I have been all over the world literally and trained with some of the most influential Grandmasters of our time.

I have been featured in TKD times magazine and I was the state representative for one of the largest international hapkido organizations. I have never met a Grandmaster like Grandmaster Southard. His skill is without question like no other. His is humble and approachable.

He truly interacts with his students taking a genuine interest in their training. I take greater pride in my training with Grandmaster Southard because I can tell he genuinely wants me to learn like no other Grandmaster has before.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Grandmaster and everything he has done for me is greatly appreciated. I have a great sense of honor that he has chosen to recognize me as a 7th degree black belt under him.

I know what this means to him and I only hope I can live up to his expectations. I count myself blessed to be his friend and his student.

John Duncan SGT Mount Olive Police Dept