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Tony Southard is a unique man. He has been a full con­tact pro­fes­sional fighter, a body­guard for celebri­ties, a mar­tial arts instruc­tor, a police instruc­tor, a mil­i­tary instruc­tor, and a Karate Grand­mas­ter! This North Car­olina based mar­tial arts expert and trainer is a man you should know. Many law enforce­ment offi­cers, police recruits, and mil­i­tary oper­a­tors already know Mr. Southard very well. He fre­quently teaches the local police and mil­i­tary personnel.

With all of that real world expe­ri­ence he knows some­thing about com­bat­ives and train­ing! Tony Southard teaches at a police acad­emy as well as con­ducts sem­i­nars all over the coun­try. I have had the plea­sure to be affil­i­ated with Grand­mas­ter Southard for the last cou­ple of years and I can tell you first­hand that he knows what he is talk­ing about, and he can teach what he knows.

A lit­tle back­ground about Tony Southard in his own words from the Southard Com­bat Sys­tems website:

“I have been in the Mar­tial Arts since I was a boy. I have been the head of secu­rity for sev­eral night clubs. I have been the head of secu­rity for sev­eral night clubs. I have been attacked by many peo­ple who really wanted to test my sys­tem to see how effec­tive it was. They tried all kinds of tech­niques and weapons. “

Some of the ser­vices that Mr. Southard, Founder of the Southard Com­bat Sys­tem, offers:

  • Pri­vate Lessons for Individuals
  • Police and Secu­rity Train­ing Solutions
  • Hand to Hand Com­bat Mil­i­tary Training
  • Mul­ti­ple Assailant Self Defense
  • Weapons Defense Training
  • Effec­tive Street Self Defense Training
  • Pres­sure Point Con­trol Tactics
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Group Instruc­tion (Flight Atten­dants, Pilots, Store Clerks, etc.)
  • Mar­tial Arts & Self Defense Sem­i­nars – USA, Europe, or Worldwide
  • Body Guard­ing (Exec­u­tive and Celebrity Protection)
  • Night Club (Bouncer) and Casino Secu­rity Training

I fre­quently teach the Southard Com­bat System’s firearms defense and dis­arm­ing tech­niques. I recently pub­lished a research paper con­cern­ing firearm defenses for the Insti­tute of Mar­tial Arts and Sci­ences based in the United King­dom and my paper fea­tured pho­tographs of Grand­mas­ter Southard demon­strat­ing one of his firearms dis­arm­ing techniques.

Gun Dis­arm Video

So even if you can­not train with Tony Southard in per­son, you can pur­chase his videos which include “Dirty Ground Fight­ing,” and “Power Punches,” just to name a cou­ple. The videos are inex­pen­sive and very infor­ma­tive. The Southard Com­bat System’s way of doing things is cer­tainly “unique” if you can call learn­ing to drive a tac­ti­cal pen through a badguy’s eardrum “unique!”

Another method to obtain­ing Grand­mas­ter Southard’s train­ing series is to pur­chase the Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo series which con­tains the Southard Com­bat System’s videos as well. That series is also an excel­lent choice and con­tains many self-defense and defen­sive tac­tics tech­niques taught by Dr. John Enger a retired police lieu­tenant commander.

To learn some of the Southard Com­bat Sys­tem directly from Tony Southard him­self you may also attend the Shinja Hall of Hon­ors sem­i­nar being held in Sara­sota, Florida on Sep­tem­ber 13–15, 2013. I will also be teach­ing a class on Shinja Kenpo and help­ing teach a class on the Bryan Fass’ new Fit Fighter pro­gram (stay tuned for more about that pro­gram in the near future!).

So for now, be care­ful, stay safe, and think about what you are doing out there at all times.  Always remem­ber, “If Not Me, Then Who?”

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Consider Your Motives

Recently we were contacted by an individual in need of personal protection. After speaking with this person and asking a long list of questions for qualification purposes, it was determined that there were some inconsistent patterns in what this person was telling us.
After careful consideration of information that was obtained, the person did not meet the criteria for any Agent of Southard Combat System to provide personal protection.
The lack of honesty was this persons reason for disqualification and was unfortunate.
The list of reasons one might need protection are as long as from the east to west and we believe that all people should feel comfortable and safe wherever they may be.

As Personal Protection Agents, your safety is our primary concern.  To maintain the integrity of your safety to the best of our ability, requires a strong degree of honesty.
We understand that most people have things in their lives that they would rather not discuss and that is ok, however we will not risk our lives and our families lives to any person involved in illegal activities or some one who is looking to have a good time with another woman/man while their spouses and families wait at home. An angry or jealous husband/wife is one of the most dangerous situations anyone can experience. If this is your Modus Operandi, your on your own!
We will not get involved with anyone living outside of the law, so please do not call us if you are involved in anything illegal or shady. We will not tolerate it!
For those of you that think that you might be able to slip one by us, think again. We have a wide range of resources for information available to us. Please be honest to us and we will protect you well!

If you have any questions about Personal Protection, Bodyguard, Anti-rape or subject control training, please contact Grandmaster Tony Southard at the link below to book a Training Seminar. You will not regret it!

For more information on Personal Protection, please contact:

Grandmaster Tony Southard at

What is Southard Combat System?

Thousands of years ago, the style of the empty hand was developed as an alternative to weapons.
Only the highest authorities such as Emperors, Kings and their soldiers were allowed to possess weapons of any kind. As a result of these restrictions, empty handed combat was born.
Many styles of the empty hand have developed over the years and there are countless ways of delivering a crippling blow to an assailant.
In todays society there are many alternatives to hand to hand combat. Starting with traditional weapons such as firearms of all types, many people today possess concealed carry permits, or just open carry in different parts of the world.
Some people do not feel comfortable with guns and so they opt to carry less than lethal products such as pepper spray, tasers, or keychain style kubotans.
In some cases these products are proven to show a value of defense to a degree……….
What about the times when an assailant rushes you head on or takes you by surprise and you don’t have time to pull out that taser or that pepper spray or your (ever so trusting firearm). What now?
Your assailant has taken your money, your life, he has raped you and taken from you every sense of self worth and security that you held so dearly, or now you are a hostage in a situation that you don’t know if you are going to live or die!
Just for a moment, I want you to think about what it would be like if God forbid you were in any one of these situations…..
What about those of you who have worked tirelessly for years and spent thousands of hours practicing Katas and Forms so that you may receive your next belt on testing day. Do you feel equipped to handle a knife or a gun pointed at you by someone who has gone off the deep end? Sure hope so because when that time comes, that black belt or that brown belt that you esteem so highly is going to let you know if what you’ve really learned is sufficient for what ever comes.
Grandmaster Southard has spent his life testing these so called proven tactics taught by many, many of which are a result of an over inflated ego or someone who watches too many John Woo movies. Many of these things work in the movies or in a rehearsed setting, but will get you killed if you even think about applying them on the street.
There is only one way to test the waters here, that is to empty your cup and jump in. We who have trained with Grandmaster Southard know firsthand what it means to be Properly Trained! Give yourself the opportunity to equip yourself with these proven techniques and walk with confidence. Don’t wonder if your training is adequate, know it is!