What Southard Students Say – Eimer

Recently, I was afforded the amazing opportunity of having one-on-one training with Grandmaster Tony Southard. During which time, Grandmaster Southard shared his incredible knowledge of both internal and external energy, the human anatomy, body mechanics, pressure points, and so much more.

On that day, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the Southard Combat System, a no-nonsense, practical approach, to self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. I was able to experience firsthand, the effectiveness of Grandmaster Southard’s disarming techniques as they applied to both knives and handguns. Grandmaster Southard’s system addressed not only non-lethal situations but also the more dangerous life-threatening encounters, that we all hope to never experience.

As an individual with a law enforcement and military background, with both martial arts and boxing experience, I can honestly tell you that I have never seen a more effective system of self-defense, subject control, or hand to hand combat, than what I witnessed during my preview of the Southard Combat System. It is no wonder that elite law enforcement and specialized military units are implementing this system.

As a certified law enforcement instructor and as a combat veteran, I would highly recommend the Southard Combat System to the military, law enforcement, detentions, corrections and to civilians alike.

If you are in search of a system that will give you that mental and physical edge, to better prepare you for a potentially deadly force encounter, look no further than the Southard Combat System.

J.T. Eimer – Former Captain and Chief of Operations J.C.S.O

What Southard Students Say – Husted

I am part of Crystal Coast Fire Academy (CCFA) and on August 17, 2013, our PT instructor Grand Master Southard was teaching us self defense and how important life really is. We have a saying, “You only get one life but you can replace your job.”

At the fire academy it opens your eyes when you think of that. Instructor Southard showed us self defense that you will never see any were else. We were very impressed. I’m also part of the Morehead City Police Department and two years ago we had instructor Southard come and teach our Special Reaction Team. Today I got a refresher course but at the same time I learned more then what I knew two years ago.

We at the CCFA are proud that we have instructor Southard to teach us this because one day we will have to fight for our life. I recommend this for everybody and I mean every word when I say this will save your life!

Chris Husted, CCFA

Subject Control Seminars in North Carolina

-Carteret County Sheriff’s Dept.                                      

-Carteret County S.R.T.                                                        

-Many branches of the Armed Forces.                         

-Carteret County Wellness Program                               

-B.L.E.T. Basic Law Enforcement Training                  

-Self Defense classes in Carteret Co.                               

Coming in April of 2009

-Fire Dept Self Defense in Kernersville N.C   (April 23- 25)

-Mount Olive N.C (May 09, 2009)

Training DVD’s, Tactical Pens and T-shirts will be available upon request at the above seminars.